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About me

My name is Kay C. and I am a professional Nail Technician.

I had started doing my own nails using the common acrylic products you can buy at any store that sells beauty items. After doing my own nails for about 2 years I thought I should get my license and do it the professional way. I enjoy the creative side of Nail Design and this is why I decided to do a three day training to obtain my German Nail Technician license.

After I finished my training I was able to get my business license and I started working out of my home.

To give me clients a wider variety of Nail Art Designs, I took a course on Airbrushed Nail Art Design and shortly after completing the course I was able to offer my clients the art of Airbrushed Nail Designs.

I also created training material to educate others on the art of Nail Design as well as Airbrushed Nail Art Design.

After having my own business for a little over 2.5 years, I moved to the US. Once I came to the states certain circumstances did not allow me to start working as a Nail Technician again until now.

Now I live in El Paso, TX.

All images provided on this site are created by me, Kay C. 2004-2009
Nails with Roses
Hands holding a Rose